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  • Custom Reports For Google Analytics

    Custom reporting for Google analytics is huge for me. Custom reports are more detailed and give you the information you need instead of looking through Google Analytics for what you need. Plus, my clients love them because they are easy to understand. I am going to share some custom reports with you so that you can use them for your business or your clients.

    Content Efficiency Report

    I want to know how my clients are doing when it comes to:

    • Entrances
    • Unique Visitors
    • Bounces
    • Pageviews
    • Average Time On Page
    • Goal Value
    • Goal Completions

    By finding out what content their users are interested in most, I can rearrange my efforts into creating a better content strategy.

    Get Content Efficiency Report Here

    Best Converting Traffic Sources

    Instead of going through a huge list of traffic sources, I can use this report to find out the cream of the pie.  Here’s what I track:

    • Where the users came from
    • Unique visitors
    • Goal completions
    • Goal conversion rate

    Again, clients want to see what’s working and this report helps them out. Much better then printing out 20 pages.

    Get Best Converting Traffic Sources Here

    Browser Report

    Want to find out which browser your users are using. This report will get this information for you. Here’s what you’ll get with this report:

    • Browser
    • Visits
    • Revenue
    • Bounce Rate
    • % Exit
    • Unique Purchases
    Get Browser Report Here

    Keyword Analysis

    Get a better clear understanding of which keywords are performing well for your clients or yourself. Here’s what you’ll get with this report:

    • Page Title
    • Keyword
    • Unique Visitors
    • Goal Completions
    • Goal Conversion Rate
    • Avg. Page Load Time

    This report is really cool because it has tabs, which will show you engagement and revenue with the keywords as well.

    Get Keyword Analysis Report Here

    Keywords & Landing Pages

    Your best keywords and landing pages can be tracked with this report. Here’s what you get with this bad boy:

    • Landing Pages/Keywords
    • Visits
    • Unique Visitors
    • Bounce Rate
    • Revenue
    • Exits
    • Ecommerce Conversion Rates
    • Unique Purchases

    Make sure you click on each tab.

    Get Keywords And Landing Pages Report Here

    Social Media Custom Reports

    With this report you can get a good idea of which social media outlet to put more of your energy into. Here is what you get with this report:

    • Landing Page
    • Sources
    • Visits
    • Social Actions
    • Goal Completions
    • Goal Conversion Rates
    • Goal Value

    This one is really powerful in my opinion. For my site LinkedIn is doing really well since most of clients are B2B.

    Get Social Media Custom Report Here

    Top Converting Landing Page

    Conversion rate optimization is just as important as search engine optimization. With this report I can find out which landing pages are doing well. Here’s what you’ll get with this cool report:

    • Landing Page
    • Unique Visitors
    • Bounce Rate
    • Goal Completions
    • Ecommerce Conversion Rates

    Get those landing pages to convert where they aren’t. This report should get your started.

    Get Top Converting Landing Page Report Here

    Do You Have A Report You Want To Share?

    If you have a cool custom report you want to share, send me the link. I’ll put it up here and obviously give credit.

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